High-Performance Filters

For maximum performance (flatter passbands, steeper rolloffs, better rejection) MEMtronics utilizes its substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) technology to create propagating waveguide filters. These filters have passband frequencies above the waveguide cutoff frequency and offer very high-quality factors. These filters tend to be larger than the alternative evanescent filters but achieve maximum possible performance.

The photo below shows a wafer of propagating filters engineered to offer quality factors > 1500 at X-/Ku-band. This enables these filters to meet a plethora of individual flatness/ripple/rejection requirements throughout the passband and stopbands, tailoring the response to be accurate and repeatable for operation in a switched filter bank. MEMtronics can fine tune filters in the 10,000 MHz to 20,000 MHz range with sub-MHz accuracy using its proprietary laser alignment system.

The filter response of a bank of ten of these filters is portrayed in the image below. The measured results shown in the graphs depict 10 filters in each of 10 frequency bands overlaid onto a single set of graphs.

Where MHz count, count on MEMtronics filters to provide filter technology capable of meeting your exacting requirements. For a filter quotation, contact MEMtronics.