5G Filters

Mobile communications using fifth-generation (5G) operation is the newest communications network on the horizon. 5G will be able to provide voice, data, and video between mobile handheld units the world over. Several countries have already set aside spectrum for providers to operate this broadband mobile communications platform. In the United States, the frequency bands of 27.5-28.35 GHz and 37-40 GHz have been set aside for 5G operations.

MEMtronics is skilled in manufacturing filters which operate in these frequency ranges. Our filters are a good match for base-station and back-haul systems needing to channelize their assemblies or reject out-of-band interference.

MEMtronics’ 5G filters have been designed, built, and tested with excellent results. These designs are capable of meeting a variety of requirements in the four FR2 frequency bands (n257, n258, n260, and n261). These filters have high unloaded quality factors (> 700) enabling lower loss and flatter passbands over narrow passbands. Filter rejection demonstrates excellent out-of-band, spurious-free rejection from DC to well above 40 GHz. These filters can handle watts of RF power and exhibit excellent temperature stability (-9 ppm/℃) over an operating range of -55℃ to above +105℃. All of these filters weigh less than 1 gram. Data sheets for these filters are provided below. These filters are examples of performance that has been demonstrated with MEMtronics’ integrated waveguide technology. Let us customize these filters to meet your specific needs.

Image of 5G filter under test, measured broadband filter response

Contact MEMtronics with your questions or requirements, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your 5G filter needs.

5G Data Sheets