Precision Filter Engineering

To achieve maximum performance, MEMtronics incorporates a proprietary laser-tuning process in the manufacture of its filters. This laser trimming process brings the final performance of the filter more in-line with customer requirements than its already precise glass manufacturing technology can provide. With this process, MEMtronics can tune filters in the 10,000 MHz to 15,000 MHz operating range with sub-MHz accuracy. This is demonstrated in the figure below, showing the measured response of a small run of 40 X-band filters overlaid on a single graph. These filters have a center frequency of fo=11,900 MHz, with a standard deviation in frequency of s = 0.4 MHz, or 0.0033% of the center frequency.

MEMtronics precision engineering accurately positions every filter pole and filter coupling with extraordinary accuracy and precision.

Similarly, in production this precision process is utilized to manufacture filters in quantity with tightly controlled characteristics. This process means every filter is aligned to be fully spec compliant and 100% tested. Below is a graph of the filter center frequency variation for a K-band filter in production at MEMtronics. The standard deviation is 0.028% of the center frequency for more than 5000 filters manufactured during this run (equivalent to a standard deviation of 7 MHz for a 25 GHz filter).

When MHz count, count on MEMtronics’ filters to provide manufacturing technology capable of meeting the most exacting requirements. Send your requirements to MEMtronics for a quotation.