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Fabrication Capability

MEMtronics utilizes a fabless model for development and manufacturing of RF circuitry.  MEMtronics’ MEMS manufacturing partners include Innovative Micro Technology (Santa Barbara, CA) and Micralyne (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada).  MEMtronics works very closely with these fabs in the development and utilization of processes for MEMS and RF applications.  MEMtronics also utilizes a variety of domestic thin-film processing facilities, machine shops, plating shops, and packaging facilities to create low-cost prototypes and deliverables. Using a fabless model, MEMtronics is able to more quickly develop processes and process flows in facilities that utilize statistical process control.  Developing products in established fabrication facilities reduces the time and money required to transition from product development to production.  In this way, many manufacturing issues are dealt with early on, reducing risks associated with transition to production.


Innovative Micro Technology

MEMtronics’ manufacturing partner, Innovative Micro Technology, is a leading MEMS manufacturer MEMtronics’ main manufacturing partner for RF MEMS, Innovative Micro Technology, is a leading MEMS manufacturer with a diversified range of projects and products. IMT’s 30,000 sq ft fabrication facility is the largest and best equipped independent MEMS fab in the world. Capabilities include design for manufacturability, extensive prototyping, high-volume manufacturing experience, 6" wafer efficiency, sub-micron photolithography, non-CMOS materials flexibility (metals, magnetics, etc), and unmatched metrology tools and experience. Metrology capabilities for process feedback, quality monitoring and failure analysis include four SEMS (including dual-beam SEM/FIB for failure analysis), atomic force microscopy, TEM with EDX, XRF, profilers and numerous other tools. IMT also offers various types of wafer bonding for wafer-level encapsulation and a variety of accelerated environmental testing stations, including temperature, shock and humidity testing. IMT has been operating since January 2000, and has amassed intellectual property and know-how in several key diversified MEMS industrial areas including biomedical, biotechnology, wireless communications, relay arrays, microfluidics, inertial navigation and optical telecommunications. IMT's key capabilities include:

  1. 30,000 sq. ft. Class 100, fully automated clean room fab
  2. High-resolution sub-micron photolithography
  3. Deep reactive ion etching capability
  4. High-volume, 6" wafer, manufacturing process experience
  5. Extensive non-CMOS materials flexibility (metals, magnetics, etc. in deposition, etch/plating).


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