Manufacturing Quality AS9100D

MEMtronics’ AS9100D Certification

Optimize your risk management for defense, aviation & aerospace with MEMtronics AS9100D certified products. ISO/AS9100 standards assured!As of November 2016, MEMtronics’ Quality Management System has been certified to AS9100 standards for our aviation, aerospace, and defense industry products. MEMtronics uses a proven and tested process to design, manufacture and verify quality for all products. This certification further supports our commitment to quality and excellence.

Our AS9100D certification was overseen by Smithers Quality Assessment (SQA), ANAB-accredited management systems certification body.

What Does AS9100D Certification Mean for Your Project?

MEMtronics’ Quality Management System is now certified to AS9100D standards, which is the third major revision to the ISO/AS 9100 certification. The key focus of the AS9100D revision is elevating the requirements for risk management and to make risk management an integrated theme across the ISO/AS 9100 standard.

Major changes between previous revisions and AS9100D include:

MEMtronics: Quality Designed and Manufactured Parts with On-Time Deliveries

Long story short, MEMtronics’ quality management system being certified to AS9100D standards (with design) means you can count on MEMtronics for high-quality parts with on-time deliveries. We will deliver precision designed and manufactured products that meet your exact requirements and are delivered on time. We will meet and exceed customer expectations.

We invite you to request a quote for our custom designed filters or other fabricated parts, or contact us directly to discuss your unique project specifications.