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MEMtronics Corporation offers innovative approaches to all of your low cost, high performance RF MEMS requirements.
The Company

MEMtronics Corporation is dedicated to the development and commercialization of RF MEMS technology.  MEMtronics is focused on the maturation and deployment of MEMS-based products for both military and commercial markets.  Its focus is on developing microwave and millimeter-wave circuits and subsystems leveraged by RF MEMS technology.   MEMtronics RF MEMS Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

MEMtronics utilizes a fabless business model for developing and manufacturing its RF products.  MEMtronics’ manufacturing partner is Innovative Micro Technology (IMT), a dedicated, high-end MEMS production facility.  MEMtronics, in concert with its manufacturing partner, offer quality products in an affordable and timely manner.  Utilization of an established foundry enables MEMtronics to offer the advantages of a stable, SPC-controlled manufacturing environment for development of products from engineering prototypes through moderate-scale production.

Target markets for MEMtronics are communications (RF MEMS enabled electronically scanned antennas for satellite communications, steerable antennas for wireless LAN and ultra-wideband applications, tunable filters for communication systems), sensors (phase shifters and scanning antennas for both military and commercial radar), and imaging (critical array components for 2-D and 3-D imaging systems for homeland security, including airport security-baggage scanning and weapons detection).  The basis for all of these product opportunities is low-cost, reliable, packaged RF MEMS switch technology for controlling, routing, and tuning RF signals. 

MEMtronics’ mission is to develop, fabricate, and market custom RF MEMS products to the commercial and military markets that achieve this reality.



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